Creating a Barcode

What is a barcode?

Content automation templates can contain barcodes that are dynamically generated from a field in your CRM or Email service provider. You can turn unique codes into personalized barcodes or QR codes for each subscriber based on a merge tag! Barcodes are great to use for coupon codes.

How do I create a barcode?

  1. Starting with a Content Automation template, add a text block (+)
  2. Change the type to barcode.
  3. Click the content source icon and select URL parameter
  4. You can change the barcode style by selecting the drop-down. 
  5. Name the parameter. This will be in the URL of your tag and is where the unique code for your barcode will be pulled in from your email service provider or CRM. 
  6. Create a tag that uses that template and add to your email

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