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Litmus Personalize Pro

Litmus Personalize Basics

Overview, tips and useful info for getting started with your account

12 articles

Step-by-step Guides

Create new templates and implement tags

9 articles

Tag Overview

Learn how to create an Litmus Personalize tag that is added into your HTML.

2 articles

Countdown Timers

Create a countdown timer to drive urgency and encourage engagement

2 articles

Rule Builder

Use our advanced rule builder to create contextual rules and merge data

9 articles

Live Polling

Add gamification to email with live polling to boost click through rates

4 articles

Weather Forecasts

Create a live weather forecast to match any style, brand or design of your choice

4 articles

Personalized Images

2 articles

Nearest Store

These tags will display a map showing nearest multiple stores based on location

1 article

Live Social

Display the latest posts from your Twitter and Instagram pages

3 articles

Content Automation

Display the latest content in email taken directly from your feed

17 articles

Litmus Personalize for Mobile

Use Litmus Personalize technology for mobile marketing

2 articles

Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Using Litmus Personalize with Apple MPP

3 articles

Advanced Features

Make your tags do more with advanced tips and tricks

3 articles