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Litmus Personalize

Litmus Personalize Basics

Overview, tips and useful info for getting started with your account

10 articles

Step-by-step Guides

Create new templates and implement tags

6 articles

Tag Overview

Learn how to create an Litmus Personalize tag that is added into your HTML.

2 articles

Countdown Timers

Create a countdown timer to drive urgency and encourage engagement

3 articles

Rule Builder

Use our advanced rule builder to create contextual rules and merge data

10 articles

Live Polling

Add gamification to email with live polling to boost click through rates

3 articles

Weather Forecasts

Create a live weather forecast to match any style, brand or design of your choice

4 articles

Personalized Images

2 articles

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer allows you to conduct image optimization live in your email

2 articles

Nearest Store

These tags will display a map showing nearest multiple stores based on location

3 articles

Live Social

Display the latest posts from your Twitter and Instagram pages

3 articles

Content Automation

Display the latest content in email taken directly from your feed

17 articles

Email Recommendations

Use our AI-powered recommendations for email

11 articles

Litmus Personalize for Mobile

Use Litmus Personalize technology for mobile marketing

2 articles

Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Using Litmus Personalize with Apple MPP

3 articles

Advanced Features

Make your tags do more with advanced tips and tricks

1 article