Manage your account merge tags

Save time and prevent errors with Merge Tag Management. Simply configure commonly used merge tags once, build your personalization, and you’re good to go! No manual code updates necessary.

About tags

Litmus Personalize tags contain a kdcustomerid and kdsendid parameter that is meant to use the subscriber ID and email ID merge tags from your Email Service Provider. These default parameters help with MPP handling. You can also include additional merge tags for enhanced personalization.

Configure merge tags in your settings so you won't have to manually update the Personalize tag HTML each time to include them. Manually updating your HTML after the tag is created adds an extra step and can also introduce errors. With Merge Tag Management you just set these up once and we'll automatically insert the correct merge tag into your Personalize tags!

Configure merge tags

To configure your merge tags, go to your Settings (through the top right dropdown), then select the Merge Tags tab.

Merge tag settings with no merge tags added yet

Select Edit to add or update a merge tag for an existing parameter. The default parameters for kdcustomerid and kdsendid are already there, you just need to add the merge tag. Depending on the email service provider, merge tags may also be known as personalization fields, personalization strings, merge parameters, tokens, personalization tags, or other similar names. They will usually look similar to %%subscriber.ID%% or  {{contactid}}.

Once you've added the merge tag, it will automatically be pulled into your future tags. You'll also see the tag updated for your past tags in Litmus if you view the tag HTML to copy/paste. This does not impact rendering.

Before utilizing Merge Tag Management, your code will have the PlaceYourMergeTagHere placeholder that you must update.

<a href="">
<img src="" border="0" />

After configuring your merge tags, the tags will automatically populate the kdcustomerid and kdsendid merge tags, as well as any additional parameters you configure.

HTML tag with merge tag populated

Add new merge tags

You may add additional parameters with merge tags to be used in your templates, tags, or via your 1-2-1 content sources.

To add a new merge tag, select the blue Add Merge Tag button and complete the fields.

merge tag settings with parameters added for firstname and lastname

You can also add static values for your parameters. Add the value in the Merge Tag field instead of a merge tag.

At this time you cannot configure multiple merge tags for the same parameter.

Edit merge tags

If you need to change the merge tag for a parameter, simply select the Edit action. Your Personalize tags will then show the new merge tag.

Remove merge tags

Select the Remove action to easily remove a parameter with merge tag, except for the kdcustomerid and kdsendid parameters. Those parameters are required to help with MPP handling. If you do not have a merge tag for those parameters, then your tags will be generated with a PlaceYourMergeTagHere placeholder. The placeholder will need to be manually updated before you send your email.


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