Introduction to Litmus Personalize tags

Litmus Personalize tags are generated when you create a template or campaign. Tags are a snippet of HTML that you add to your email code. These tags contain a URL and image path similar to static email HTML paths.

Additional tracking, like Google Analytics tracking IDs, can be added to the end of your tag. The href can also have ESP data merged into it.

complete litmus personalize tag created in a template or campaign

href tag portion

When you create your template or campaign, you'll include URLs as part of your setup procedure. The href portion of your Personalize tag includes the linked url that

  • Direct clicks to different landing pages
  • Direct clicks based on rules or product shown
  • Track product clicks
  • Deep link to an app or app store

To test your link, copy and paste the href content within the quotation marks into your web browser.

litmus personalize tag with URL that links to your defined personalize setup location

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img src tag portion

The imc src component of the Tag is the image shown in the email. The image will adapt, optimize and update at the moment it is opened in the email.

The image is displayed based on rules you defined and can be personalized with your ESP data merged into the tag.

<img src=""

To test the image, copy and paste the img src within the quotation marks into a web browser.

litmus personalize tag showing highlighted URL portion of img src html

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Add external tracking

Analytics tracking parameters associated with links like Google Analytics or your ESP tracking can become part of your Litmus Personalize tag actions. 

Include your tracking URL as the landing page link in your Litmus Personalize template or campaign. Your tracking parameters are not visible in the final personalized tag URLs but when you visit your tag's href, you'll see that it redirects to the landing page URL with all your tracking included.

Litmus Personalize tracks all opens and clicks of your tag shown in the Reports section of your account. Tracking from your external source will be available in their usual reporting areas.

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Merge ESP data

Data can be merged into the tag from your ESP to enhance the subscriber's experience at the time of open. You can merge any data you have available such as gender, category preference or first name into the image component of the tag. 

Your ESP can provide you with exact formatted merge codes for the data you'd like your subscriber to see. Formatting varies for each ESP so your tag may have different parameter code from the personalize parameters.

litmus personalize tag showing esp merge parameters for first name and birthday appended to original code after kdsendid parameter in both href and img portions


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