Litmus Personalize Pro overview

Litmus Personalize is a powerful open-time marketing platform that embeds with your current email HTML to display the most contextual, highest converting and up-to-date content at the time of open. 

The platform enables marketers to move from sending manual static campaigns to a fully automated email that presents engaging and relevant content personalized to each individual recipient. Litmus Personalize enables users to create live images for use in email. The platform is built to enable users to create everything they need by working directly in the UI.

A widget for every occasion

Using Litmus Personalize widgets, you can personalize based on context such as the recipients' location, weather, time or social at the time of open.

Uniquely personalize every email without added manual work

  • Get inspired with a robust Explore gallery of new ways to stand out in the inbox, by ensuring every email results in an exceptional, highly personalized subscriber experience.
  • Move beyond basic segmentation and achieve true personalization at scale with advanced rules and targeting.
  • Pull the latest data from your CRM, product feeds, and more to automatically generate endless email variations from a single HTML tag.

Deliver the right message at the right moment with every email send

  • Break past the limitations of personalizing emails at the time an email is sent.
  • Create compelling, relevant email content that populates in near real-time based on subscriber conditions like open time, location, and weather.
  • Build urgency in time-sensitive messages to encourage subscribers to take action.

Boost engagement and unlock revenue potential with AI

  • Give subscribers what they want—before they know they want it—with AI Recommendations.
  • Generate individualized product recommendations at scale without the hassle of manual tracking and data mapping.
  • Easily gather additional data points and continuously learn from subscriber behavior to craft the most compelling emails possible.

Deliver live images, every open, every time

Traditionally, images are updated statically at the time of send. With live images, they are selected and presented at the exact time the recipient opens the email. The images are served in under 400ms depending on the feed. This means an email someone opens at 11am could look very different at 2pm or the next day.

Screen captures of Litmus Personalize options in emails showing various personalization options

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