Widget overview

A widget allows users to follow a step by step guide (or wizard) to setup a predefined use case.  For example, the countdown timer widget is used to create a countdown timer. Litmus Personalize has a host of widgets that can be used individually or in conjunction with each other. You can also use multiple widgets within one email. 

Example: You can connect your store's product feed in Litmus Personalize to show your newest products at every email open. Then you could build a rule to personalize the new products based on the temperature at your subscriber's location. Show the latest sunglasses or lawn mowers when it's warm out, or the newest ski masks and space heaters when it's cold out!

Content automation

Connect content sources directly in Personalize and use these to build live images for your email. Content sources supported: CSV, XML, Json API. Option to include advanced visibility rules to display different image variants driven by feed or URL data.

Product feed

Connect a product feed or catalogue automatically display live products at every email open. Build product rules around stock level and availability to only show products available to buy at the moment of open. Personalize products using your CRM preference data and AOV. Typically used to power live new in products, product personalization, live sale products and bestsellers. 


Connect an API and use parameters to retrieve the content required. Use for product recommendations, live odds, car hire pricing, localised activity/restaurant content, currency exchange rates, travel deals & live pricing. 


Connect your RSS or blog feed and create beautiful inspirational content that updates live at every email open. 

User generated content

Connect your UGC partner’s content feed to retrieve the latest, approved user generated content images to display in email. 

Countdown timers

Create on-brand countdown timers that display the exact time remaining at every email open. Timers will count down for 30 seconds.

Countdown timer image swap

Countdown timers that swap to a different image/href when expired - perfect for driving longtail revenue and maximising relevancy. 

Triggered countdown timers

Countdown timers with end time personalized to each individual recipient based on a timestamp (e.g. time of subscription, date of trigger + X hours).

Weather forecasts

Design and display a weather forecast, or multi-day forecast, for the weather at open location, city, or destination. The weather automatically updates at every open, powered by Litmus Personalize's integration with Aeris weather. 


Live polling

Live voting directly in an email. Recipients click through on an image to register their vote. On email re-open the latest votes are displayed at every open. Votes can be displayed as percentages or number of clicks. 

Live social signals

Display the live number of clicks on each product, image or offer in your email. On re-open the number of clicks will update.      

Personalized images

Highly stylised images with personalization overlaid. Great examples include name personalization, initials, loyalty card numbers, points balance, personalized offer codes and booking details.

Live Instagram

Authorize Litmus to retrieve your latest Instagram content. At every open the latest posts are displayed. Choose to include thumbnails, captions and timestamps. Filter by hashtags or media type.

Live Twitter

Connect to the Twitter API and design your own template. Your latest tweets in email at every open. Filter by hashtags or media type.

Live image optimization

In-send A/B image testing tool. Set an open quota and run a split test on different images live in send. Once the test has run, the image with the highest number of clicks is automatically displayed to the remaining opens. 

Nearest store map

Detect location of email open and pin the nearest stores over a map. On click, generate exact directions to the closest store powered by GPS. 


Turn unique codes into personalized barcodes for each recipient based on a merge from your ESP. Multiple languages supported. Used to connect online to instore to track email redemption/manage single time redemption.

Progress bars

Create visual representations of status, loyalty or points using progress bars or circles. Particularly popular when used in loyalty program email. 

Rule builder

Advanced AND/OR multi-condition rule builder that can be used to create rules for dynamic content based on weather (temp, conditions, forecast), device (device, client, reading environment, operating system, user agent, privacy protection), date/time (date, time, date of week, time of day, day of month), geo (country, continent, browser language, geofence, US state), or parameters (string, UTC date, number). All widgets created in Personalize, , except polling, can be used within the rule builder. Outlined below are some popular Rule Builder use cases.

Device targeting 

Display the most relevant content to the device or reading environment for the recipient reading the email. Use calls to action specific to mobile device (tap to shop) or show app download messages personalized to the device operating system.

Weather targeted content

Use weather rules to display different images, content or products based on the weather at location of open. For example, show dresses when it’s warm and sunny at open location and show jackets when it’s cold and raining. 

Time/day parted content 

Display content relevant to the time of day that the email is opened. Split the day into sections and show relevant offers or content based on that time window. Display different content on different days of the week automatically.  


Drop a pin and draw a radius. Define what content is shown to anybody that opens within that radius. Used frequently for store specific promotions. 

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