Personalized Images

NOTE: Personalized Images were retired February 2023. You can use content automation instead!

Can I connect multiple pieces of CRM data into one template?

Yes, absolutely. You can have multiple URL parameters in the template. Once you have created your first block in the branded design, you are able to duplicate the block and change the URL parameter it's connected to.

Can I just pull through the initials of names?

Yes, absolutely. Once you have connected two blocks for first name and last name, use the additional functionality of the Inspector within the Content Automation Template builder.

Choose the function ' Get char at position' to pull through the first character in the first name, then repeat for last name.

template builder with the "Get char at position" function highlighted

Can you personalize a GIF?

No, it is not possible to upload a GIF as the background image in Litmus Personalize to create a personalized gif. However it is possible to create the same illusion by slicing your gif and strategically placing it around the personalized image.

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