Nearest store tags

Litmus Personalize is capable of providing nearest store functionality for driving traffic to physical locations for your business.

How it works

example of the nearest store tag displayed in an email on a mobile phone

When a recipient clicks on the map they can be directed to:

  • Google maps - Android device
  • Apple maps - iOS device
  • Google maps in a web browser on a desktop
  • A different landing page

Directions to the nearest store are displayed along with pins showing any stores within the map view.

Use your nearest store tag with Rule builder to show a subscriber specific items or information, or to include default content when privacy protection is active.

The nearest store tag uses GEO-IP location services that match the IP or MAC address with the geographic location of the internet-connected device. Location accuracy varies based on country and city, in addition to privacy settings or proxy services in use by an email client or device.

Nearest store setup - contact your LP team

Your Litmus Personalize team can set up the nearest store code for you when you provide the following information.

  • A CSV file or spreadsheet of all locations including store name, latitude, longitude, address, city, and country in separate columns. For example:
    • example of a spreadsheet with the required columns and two sample stores

  • Default image (PNG or JPG) for when we can’t detect location or if there isn’t a store within the predetermined radius of open.
  • Default URL to use when it is not possible to provide directions.
  • Optional design preferences:
    • Image (PNG) for custom map pin
    • Color or greyscale?
    • Normal or 2X scale?
    • Custom zoom level (between 0-21)
    • Custom distance (in meters) from a store when the default image and URL are used.

What you can expect

We will confirm that all the needed information has been received and we will build and test the nearest store code.

We'll send you the tag and also add it to your account.

Please allow a minimum of 3 business days from the time we receive all necessary information to receive your new nearest store code.

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