How do I add a JSON API content source?

Use this page if you are adding a non 1-2-1 API (API parameters are not variable).

Navigate to the content sources area of the platform, select '+ Content source' button on the left to open the Content Source editor. 

Name your new content source, select JSON as the content source type and click next.

You will see that you can select the API type: POST or GET and enter the end point of the API.

NOTE: Often APIs require authorization to successfully retrieve the info. In this case, you must complete the relevant data within the HEADERS and BODY field. If you miss this step, then a response will not be generated.

Next select the 'test request' button. Here you will see the response render in the 'Response' field.

NOTE: If you see an error message in the Response section, check the headers you have applied

Once you have a successful response, click next.Product Key

The next step is to apply a caching product key for your content source. This is required if your feed is exploded and by added a product key, you can command to skip further data which matches the value of the field you've chosen as your product key.

For example if the feed contains child SKUs with all the different available sizing, by applying the product key is set to product_name field means that we will only show unique values of the field product_field.

It is possible to apply to the product key to more than one field and in this case if data duplicates the values of both of the fields it will not be displayed.

Select next and you have successfully added your JSON content source.

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