Set up a Nearest Store tag

Currently, it is not possible to set up nearest store in the Litmus Personalize platform. If you would like to include nearest store in your emails, please provide the following assets to your Account Manager:

  • Spreadsheet list of all locations, including store name, address, longitude, and latitude in separate columns.
  • Default image (PNG or JPG) for when we can’t detect location or if there isn’t a store within the predetermined radius of open.
  • Default URL to use when it is not possible to provide directions.
  • Other design preferences (optional):
    • Image (PNG) for custom map pin
    • Color or greyscale?
    • Normal or 2X scale?
    • Custom zoom level (between 0-21)
    • Custom distance (in meters) from a store when the default image and URL are used.

Once you have sent the files over, your account manager will confirm that we have received them and that Litmus Personalize has everything needed for the set up. 

We will build, test and send the tags to you. We'll also add the Tag to your account. Please allow 3 business days for your Nearest Store tag creation.

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