Vote options for live polling

You have the option to show different numerical formats for the live click feeds depending on the use case:

  • votes – also known as click count and very often used in social signals setup, i.e. "x people are viewing this product" which shows the number of clicks on each poll option.
  • votesPercentage – showing the percentage as a decimal, i.e. 0.8.
  • votesPercentageInt – the most popular option showing the percentage of votes, i.e. 80.
  • votesPercentageDisplay – showing the percentage with two decimal places, i.e. 80.00%.
  • totalVotes – the total votes across all answers, i.e. 2

Tip: If you would like to add a percentage sign (%) to the votesPercentageInt option, go to the Text tab in the Inspector menu and add "%" as a suffix.

Learn how to add your voting options to your live poll template in our guide. 

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