Text and content filtering

You can use the Inspector's Text tab functionality to apply filtering, regular expressions and build simple rules to exclude or replace content. 

Litmus Personalize inspector pane text tab


  • Prefix - add a prefix to content e.g. was / now price or currency symbol 
  • Suffix - add a suffix to content 
  • Truncate - Cut off the word after a set number of characters with an ellipsis (...) 
  • Truncate Nearest Word - Cut off the sentence to the nearest word, after a set number of characters with an ellipsis (...) 
  • Replace - Replace set words within the parameter data 
  • Replace If Empty - Replace if there is no data for a parameter 
  • Replace If Shorter - Replace if the parameter is shorter than x number of characters 
  • Replace If Longer - Replacing if the parameter is longer than x number of characters 
  • Regular Expression - Replace Regular Expressions by defining a sequence of characters to replace (e.g. if your brand name appears in all of your product titles you could replace this regular expression) 
  • Remove Emojis 
  • Remove Links 
  • Get Char at Pos – Allows bringing through initials if commanded to pull in Position 1 of the first name and last name
  • Reverse String – Reverses the characters within the block 
  • Current Time – In the correct time zone and format

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