Template text formats and functions

Apply formats and functions to filter your parameter data, replace regular expressions. and apply simple rules to exclude or replace content. 

Text in the Inspector

Select a content block in your template, then use the Text tab in the Inspector pane to choose a format and one or more functions to enhance your content block's results. Function options change based on the format selected.

Litmus Personalize inspector pane text tab

Format options



Plain text

default option covering most text displays

Text with HTML

used with a content source to adjust any HTML in the source data so that it displays as normal text instead of UTF code in the template block


allows defined formatting for numeric content


allows defined formatting for date content

Plain text and Text with HTML function options




add a prefix to content


add a suffix to content


Cut off the word after a set number of characters with an ellipsis (...)

Truncate nearest

Cut off the sentence to the nearest word, after a set number of characters with an ellipsis (...)


Replace set words within the parameter data

Replace if empty

Replace if there is no data for a parameter

Replace if shorter

Replace if the parameter is shorter than x number of characters

Replace if longer

Replace if the parameter is longer than x number of characters

Regular expression

Replace repeated text by defining a sequence of characters to replace (e.g., a brand name that appears in all product titles can be replaced with a regular expression)

Remove emojis

Clears emojis from content

Remove links

Clears links from content and leaves text

Get char at pos

Select a character position in the parameter data to display that character, e.g., first letter in first and last name to display initials

Reverse string

Reverses the characters that appear in the content block

Current time

Display in the correct time zone and format

Numeric and Date function options




define the input format that the content contains


define display of numeric or date content in specific formats - multiple options for both numeric and date to customize for design and audience


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