Weather Forecast FAQs

Where does the weather forecast come from?

We have an in-built integration with a 3rd Party. We use their weather API to retrieve the weather based on the location of email open.

What happens if you don't know the weather or location of the open?

When you create a weather forecast tag there is a step to add a default image. If we cannot detect an open location (e.g. email is opened in Gmail) we'll display the default image in place of the forecast. We recommend this is a generic image or a 1x1 gif which will hide the forecast in the email.

Can I use the pre-set icons?

Absolutely. There are pre-set icons in the platform. If you are unable to design your own you can use the icons available in the platform.

What icons do I need for a weather forecast?

We recommend creating an icon for all the common weather conditions.

Can I show more than a 1-day forecast?

Yes, it is possible to display a multi-day forecast. Design the template for 1 day and then use the repeated style option to create a multi-day forecast.

Here's how: on the editor on the right, navigate to the template properties and change the type to "repeated"

You can then choose the direction of the repeated properties and the repeat count to achieve the design you would like.

Your template editor will look like this:

You can preview how your template now looks as you did before. Once you are happy save your template.

Alternatively, if you wish to display individual images you can create one image and use positions in the tag to retrieve the weather for the next days. 

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