Create a weather forecast tag

After creating your weather forecast template, you will create your weather forecast tag.

Navigate to the campaign section of the platform. Either create a new campaign or navigate to an existing campaign that you wish to add the Tag to. In the Widget selection dropdown, click on the weather icon:

The creation wizard will now be visible. Enter a mailing name and click 'Next'. Select the 'Weather Forecasts' option:

Select the template you'd like to use.

Next step is to configure your weather bar tag. Complete the description, href and upload a fallback image to display when location cannot be detected. This can be any image however we recommend an invisible 1x1x pixel.

Click Next. You can now chose whether you wish to show the weather at open location, at a specific city or at an airport (to show the weather in a travel destination).

If you want your weather forecast to appear in a different language, this is where you can also select the language of the template.

Select the option you wish you use and then click next. This will generate a tag. 

City option - you need to use ISO country codes (alpha 2) in addition to the city name to command the locations.

Replace any merge options with the merge codes from your ESP e.g:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>

Top Tip: Specify the state if there is more than one city with the same name (e.g. Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine). To do this, add the state merge tag after the city merge tag, separated by a comma. Example:


ESP Merges added:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>

Post merge example:

You can also adjust the language by changing the &cu=en-GB parameter. For example:




Tip: By default, the tag will display the weather as day 1 being the day of open. If you want the forecast to start the following day, add &pos=2 to the end of the tag.

Add the tag to the html where you want the live forecast to display.

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