Rule Builder FAQs

Do I have to show a default image?

Yes, there must always be a default image if the set rules aren't matched. However, you are able to 'collapse' the section to a 1x1 or 600x1 pixel image instead. This gives the appearance of a section 'collapsing' in the email.

You must make sure your HTML is coded for variable heights.

Is there a limit to how many rules I can add?

No there isn't.

Tip: When the rules are being matched it works from top to bottom so if you plan to have a lot, add the most popular ones at the top.

Can you combine conditions?

Yes you can combine multiple conditions and use AND or OR to create the rules

How does the rule builder run the rule?

The rule builder runs from the top down. This means we will try to match the first condition first, and continue through the rule until we find a match. If we cannot find a match we will display the default image. 

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