How do I create fallback content using Rule Builder for MPP?

Whenever you’re creating a tag that contains Live Email Content widgets (time or location-bound content), you should create fallback rules for MPP. Some examples include: 

  • Countdown timers
  • Timed images
  • Image Optimizer
  • Weather-based rules
  • Nearest store

What this means, is that you will be able to show alternative content to recipients who have opted into MPP, whilst delivering the normal Litmus Personalize experience to all other iOS users. 

The condition for the rule is:

'Privacy Protection' is 'enabled'.

Here is an example of the Privacy protection rule in the rule builder. The condition can be found in the 'device' section. 

Privacy Protection and Rule Builder

Don't forget that you'll need to have all of the tags you want to use in the rule built before you build your rule. Once they are built, they will be available in the Rule Builder to select. You can upload alternative images within the Rule Builder if required. 

All tags will be generated with two additional parameters in both the href and the image src: 

  1. &kdcustomerid=  (This can be a userID, CustomerID or profile number that exists as a unique identifier in your CRM / ESP. This ID can be in any format of letters, numbers and punctuation. This ID cannot be an email address.) This will allow us to recognize the environment each individual is opening in. 
  2. &kdsendid= (This could be time/date of send, but essentially any ID to identify the specific mailing. The time/date stamp is generated by your ESP and is simply merging in the date/time the email is sent. This can be in any datetime format, eg 13/09/2021 or 12020012092021. This will ensure that every time this tag lands in a MPP environment that Apple will see the image link as unique and request the latest version of the image (they will not retrieve an old image from their cache). 

Tag Example: 

<a href="<a href=""></a>"><img src="<a href=""></a>"  border="0" /></a>

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