Work with images and layers

Litmus Personalize allows you to work with uploaded images (max. 1 MB), your hosted images, and text content to create a single template that can personalize content for every subscriber on the fly!

Hosted images

While you can upload small background images, weather icons, and other images to your Personalize template, you can also include images hosted on your own servers. Your hosted images can be individual or part of a content source. Hosting images eliminates the size restriction on image uploads to your template or campaign.

To add a hosted image, start in your template and use the + icon to add a block. Replace Lorem ipsum in the text area with the URL to your hosted image or select the Connect source link icon to the right of the block and find the appropriate data source in the content list.

With either option, you'll see the URL in the block. To see your image, under Object Type in the Inspector pane on the right, select the Image radio button.

Your image will be constrained to the original block size. You can change the dimensions in the Layout section or use one of the sizing methods that follow.

Image sizing and cropping

You can adjust image size in your template quickly and easily! At the upper left corner of your image block, you have two tools: natural size and cropping.

Natural size

The Natural size tool will resize your image to the template design canvas while maintaining aspect ratios. Once you have added your hosted image, select the tool, and then move your image to the desired location on your canvas.

Crop image tool

The Crop image tool is to the right of the Natural size button. You have three available options:

  1. Auto square crop – crops to the biggest possible square centered in the image's geometric center
  2. Manual crop – manually select the area of the image to be displayed
  3. Fit Image – auto-size the image depending on the set dimensions of the block

NOTE: Auto square crop is the recommended choice for Instagram feeds for consistent image size display regardless of source sizes or orientations.


Every block you add to a template in Litmus Personalize becomes its own layer. You can move blocks forward or backward, copy blocks, and apply rules that control when they appear.

Select any block to see the layer tools below it. Tools to move the block to front or back, or to duplicate or delete the block are available.

template with block selected showing layer tools below it

Templates default to the Inspector tab in the right pane. Switch to the Block list tab. You can use the pencil icon to name each block so you can identify it easily. Use the eye icon to show and hide each item as well. Show or hide layers to create different campaigns from a single template.

Craft a content automation template to include callouts, special deals or information in separate blocks, then use visibility rules to automate showing and hiding them.

In our example, we've added a visibility rule for a Selling fast! callout to any item with fewer than 10 items in stock. Using the preview button to move through a few items shows the callout appearing for some items and not for others.

animation of previewing template with selling fast callout


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