Integrate Litmus Personalize with your ESP or Email Builder

Litmus Personalize produces a snippet of HTML (a tag) that can be embedded into any email template or code in any ESP. We work as a complementary tool alongside any ESP or email building platform, including popular ones such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua, Klayvio, Braze and more. 

The Tag is added to the HTML in the same way a static image is added, in the place where the image should be displayed. You only need to add the Tag into the HTML once per Tag.

To see the Tag working, save the html and open in a browser as the Tag will work as normal when viewed in a web browser.

One thing to lookout for though is to check that your ESP does not try to host our images; make sure to check your ESP settings and always select the option to serve live images into the email.

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