Exporting Recommenders

To view your Recommenders, navigate to Recommendations > Recommenders in the left-side menu.

Here you will see a list of all your recommenders.

example list of recommenders displaying an also viewed items recommender

Click on the eye icon to view more information about the recommender:

detail view of an example also viewed items recommender

Recommender details

Clicking on the blue pencil icon will take you back to the playground to edit the recommender. Make the changes required and click on the 'Update Recommender' option. This will pull the changes through to the saved recommender.

You can duplicate the recommender by clicking on the duplicate icon and delete recommenders by clicking on the bin icon.

Exporting to Litmus Personalize

To export the Recommender to Litmus Personalize, click on the feed icon:

feed icon higlighted

Export API to Litmus Personalize

This will open the content source creator. Add a description, default itemID and userID and click 'Create'.

create content source menu with ItemId and userId fields
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