Playground Introduction

The 'Playground' is where the magic happens. It is the area where you can create and test your recommenders, see the output and generate the API. 

Selecting your Recommender

Start by navigating to the 'Playground' and then select your recommender logic from the drop-down. Logics you can select include:

  • Also viewed items
  • Frequently bought together
  • Recently added to cart items
  • Recently purchased
  • Recently viewed
  • Recommended for you
  • Similar items
  • Top in category
  • Top purchased items

More information about each recommender and how to set it up is available below. 

Our Recommender Fallback Feature

When you turn on the recommender, this automates our fallback feature which prevents blank tags when a recommender doesn’t provide at least 10 results. Additionally, the filters that you apply to your recommender logic will also apply to your fallback items.

Navigating around the Playground

Once you have selected the recommended you want to use, you will see a number of settings that you can adjust to configure your recommender. The settings are unique to each recommender.


Where you are able to insert a category, simply type in the category you wish to use in the recommender e.g. 'Dresses'. 

Days Span

You can select the day span for the  recommender. This controls the number of days that the recommender looks back at to produce the recommender. For example, if you wish to show the most viewed products in the last 24 hours, you would slide the day span slider to 1 day. 

Select Attributes

This allows you to select the fields you require in the API taken from the product feed. Upon clicking on 'Select Attributes' a popup will appear containing all of the product fields from your product feeds plus any additional computed fields you have added to your product catalogue. Standard attributes to include are:

  • product title
  • product image
  • product link
  • price
  • sale price
  • stock level/availability
  • category
  • gender
  • item id

Notice that you can 'Select All' - this adds all fields to the API call.

You should select the fields you need to build out your live image or recommendation on site. 

item attribute selection screen

Attributes selected will appear like this:

selected attributes as they appear in the UI

You can also apply filters to the products. For more information about filtering, click here.

Running your Recommender

You can now click on the green play button and run your recommender. You will see 10 products appear in Graph View - these are the top 10 products that meet your criteria.

graph view of recommender

You can also see the products in Grid View:

grid view of recommender

And you can view the API call (note that you can also see the number of views each product has had in the set timeframe):

JSON view in the recommender

You can view the actual API call by clicking on the 'API call' green button:

API call displayed in the recommender

When you are happy with your recommender configuration, click on the 'Create Recommender' green button and work through the steps to create your recommender. It will now be available in the 'Recommenders' section of the UI.

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