Twitter Setup

It is possible to use Twitter's API to retrieve the latest tweets from your company page and display them live in the email. Contact your Account Manager to add the Twitter API as a content source.

Once the content source is added you can create a Content Automation template. Create a new template and select the Twitter API in the content source area. You can then add blocks and design your template as required. You can use the repeated properties option in the right hand menu should you wish to display multiple tweets in one live image.

Please refer to "How to build a content automation template."

Top Tip - If you have tweets that contain images and some that don't we recommend using visibility rules to create different template variations based on whether there is media. For more information visit the visibility rules page. 

Here's an example of an email containing a live twitter tag. The tweets are built using the same template but with visibility rules applied to display the image when there is media in the tweet.

Variable live image layout based on Tweet containing media file. 
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