How do I create a Personalized Image campaign?

Firstly, have you created a template for your Personalized Image?

Then, navigate to a campaign / create a new campaign and select the Content Automation widget.

Name the mailing and/or tag and select the right template.

Define the link where you want the image to link to, and click next.

 All url parameters linked in the template will automatically pull through into the Tag like so:

Here is the Tag generated above:

<a href="">

<img src="" width="640" height="427" border="0"/> </a>

Within the generated Tag, replace value with the exact ESP/CRM merge code. Common merge codes are {{first_name}} or %%first_name%%. Check out our ESP Merge guide for more information.


At time of open, the merge code will pull through the data associated with the particular subscriber who is opening. The value will tell the Kickdynamic tag what to display, e.g. ‘Katie’ or ‘Henry’ for first name merges.

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