How do I create a Personalized Image template?

Getting Started

Firstly navigate to the Templates area of the platform, then Content Automation and select ‘+ New Template’.

Name the template in the Description.

To create a branded Personalized image in the Kickdynamic platform, ensure you have already designed a background image. Then, click on the canvas and use the menu options on the right-hand side to upload the created background image.

The template editor will automatically inherit the dimensions of the uploaded image. If needed, the dimensions and the background colour can be changed using the layout section on the right-hand side.

Top Tip - Ensure the correct dimensions are used and the background image is designed as retina.

To begin to add the first layer of personalization, select the ‘Add Block’ button and a block will appear in the centre of the canvas.

Then select ‘Connect Source’, highlighted below:

To display the personalization, connect to URL parameter which allows you to merge in any data you store in your ESP or CRM.

Name the parameter something clearly identifiable to the user whilst building this out. For example, for first name personalization it could be named firstname or first_name like in the example below:

Top Tip - Do not put in the ESP merge code here (e.g. {{first_name}} or %%first1%%. This is added at a later stage.

Within the formatting editor, there is then the option to apply the brand color, custom fonts, font size and change the alignment.

Position the block and adjust the size of the block to accommodate for any long data entries e.g. a long name.

Additional Functionality

Within the Inspector (see the right-hand side), there are additional formatting options available.

Here you can prefix and/or suffix the text e.g. placing an exclamation mark after the firstname. 

Text formatting functions

Additional functionality includes the following functions:

Truncate - Cut off the word after a set number of characters with an ellipsis (...)

Truncate Nearest Word - Cut off the sentence to the nearest word, after a set number of characters with an ellipsis (...)

Replace - Replace set words within the parameter data

Replace Regex - Replace Regular Expressions (contact your Account Manager for more information)

Replace If Empty - Replace if there is no data for a parameter

Replace If Shorter - Replace if the parameter is shorter than x number of characters 

Replace If Longer - Replacing if the parameter is longer than x number of characters

Regular Expression - Define a sequence of characters that determine a search pattern (contact your Account Manager for more information)

Remove Emojis 

Remove Links

Get Char at Pos – Allows bringing through initials if commanded to pull in Position 1 of the first name and last name.

Reverse String – Reverses the characters within the block

Current Time – In the correct time zone and format

Here is an example of a Personalized Image with typically applied functions:

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